Earth Movers International offered expert professionals and highly skilled labour to help with the best top, middle and lower level workforce in a short, medium and long term basis. We are the licensed company to provide Manpower Supplier in our sponsorship to reduce the worries. Our flexible, profitable and money making hiring options includes a wide range of categories available for both short-term and long-term jobs. Listed below are some of the core manpower supply categories. Professional Employees: such as stuff, Welder, Electricians, Steel etc. General Helpers & Semi- Skilled Employees. Drivers: Heavy Drivers, Light Drivers, ForkLift Operators, etc. Waiters / Waitresses, Office Boys, Housekeepers, Stewards, Chef, etc.
Earth Movers International is a well-known fact that manpower is one inevitable need or requirement for their diversification, growth and expansion of the business.
A single person or a team of few people is not always enough to get the work done. Different businesses have different sorts of requirements. Some of them can be done with even minimal number of people or teams. However, some kinds of businesses require more people or in fact a large number of people to get the work or project done. This is called manpower. For the completion of big or hardcore tasks, a company needs a manpower or laborers. It is obvious that it is not even humanly possible to select each and every person on our own for labour work or when you need a large number of laborers or in simple words manpower. It is therefore, different manpower suppliers are available in the market. A manpower supplier is supposed to provide any service directly or even indirectly, in any kind of business for the purpose of recruitment or supply of manpower.
In the matter of supply of manpower, individuals are employed on contract basis through the manpower recruitment or supply agency. The agency agrees for use of the services of an individual, employed by him, to another person or company for a consideration. An important thing to understand here is that employer-employee relationship in such cases exists between the agency and the individual and not between the individual and the person who uses the services of the individual. Such cases are covered within the capacity of the definition of the taxable service and, since they act as supply agency, they fall within the classification of “manpower recruitment.

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