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Earth Works
In Earth work there are four main processes, that is excavation, transportation, unloading and compaction.
Cut and fillis the process of constructing a railway, road or canal whereby the amount of material from cuts roughly matches the amount of fill needed to make nearby embankments, so minimizing the amount of construction labor.
Excavation Earth Movers specializes in professional excavation in the Emirates. We have a complete line of heavy equipment to serve your every need. These excavations are carried out strictly as per the Client specification, executing the works within the specified time limit.
Foundation Work Once the excavation is carried out the foundation work is given way. The foundation consists of preparing the necessary structure to raise the pertinent construction.
Backfilling is the process of putting soil back inside a trench or in a foundation when the excavation has been completed. The backfill process requires skills and knowledge on the specifications.
Road Works
We, at Earth Movers International, provide such a team of professionals who have extensive knowledge of road construction. Our company has served both nationally and internationally providing road construction services with high added value. Our professionals have the advanced skills and construction tools including the heavy machinery and vehicles required for road works.
What we offer? We make sure that our team is composed of highly qualified and experienced engineers. Our professional team, with the help of machinery, will do the cutting and filling of the site for leveling it. It is the most basic requirement before a road construction is begun. Also, the road maintenance and improvement projects are included in the list of services that we provide.
We totally understand the importance of roads and bridges in the current era of development. That is why we guarantee the best road works at our company. Our development projects are executed under the supervision of industry experts and the machinery of advanced technology. The combination of all these resources has given the best output to our clients throughout the Emirates.
We offer all types of residential or commercial demolitions including the demolition of oldest houses to the most complex buildings or structures in the least amount of time. We will take care of nearby structures and make sure that any nearby structure does not get damaged during the demolition.
Our residential and commercial demolition services include Interior demolition services, complete demolition of buildings, excavating and land clearing, debris removal/roll-off container services, construction debris removal and clean-up, removal/disposal of fences, sheds, above-ground pools, detached garages.
We ensure maximum client satisfaction with our work.
Equipment Maintenance
Equipment maintenance is a process that is regularly performed for the proper functioning of all the equipment at a company. Almost all the companies have a large number of equipment that needs proper check and balance in order to reduce the likelihood of their failure at a certain point. Eequipment maintenance is highly recommended for the sake of enhancing productivity. Utilizing the newest technology.
We pleased to satisfy our clients by providing useful equipment maintenance to their assets. It not only ensures the proper working of the equipment at your company but also prolongs their life, saving you a healthy amount of money.
Our experienced professionals are dedicated to check, maintain or repair the equipment at your organization. The maintenance projects are initiated according to the scheduled time and the recommendations of the manufacturer. Based on the results of the process, rescheduling the maintenance becomes easy.
Site Mobilization
Mobilization refers to the initial stage of a construction project where preparations occur on site prior to the commencement of any work. At this point in a project, the contractor has been selected and building plans have typically been approved by the governing municipality.
Mobilization shall include all activities and associated cost for transportation of contractor’s personnel, tools, all equipments, materials, supplies of site: establishment of offices, buildings, Parking, roads if necessary including installation of project sign and other necessary general facilities for the contractor’s operation at the site; premium paid for performance and payment.
Earth Movers International with highly Professional Team and Equipment provide Mobilization Services for Construction Sites in U.A.E. with the best price in the market. We provide all mobilization Services including transportation of equipment, Tools, material, establishing Offices, parking, roads, installation of project signs and other facilities to start work operations.
Survey Works
During a construction project, there is always a risk of unforeseen events therefore our special staff is devoted to do the Survey Works so that accidents can be limited during the construction works. A good planning of the construction project depends directly upon a good survey that is done prior to the construction work is begun. It gives the constructors a roadmap towards the completion of the project.
Our technicians are diligent and carry out all the essential survey work in a controlled environment. All of these services are provided to you at justified rates which are affordable for anyone. So, hire our highly professional technicians for your pre-construction surveys and execute your project safely.
Types Of Surveys
Alta/Acsm Survey
Boundary Survey
Construction Survey
Location Survey
Site Planning Survey
Subdivision Survey
Topographic Survey
Surveying Techniques
Gps Survey
Total Station Survey
Theodolite Survey
Dumpy Level Survey
Utility Surveying
Traffic Surveying
Contour Mapping
Rubbish Removals
Living in a clean and healthy environment is the ultimate human requirement. Removing all the waste and cleaning your living space on your own can be very hectic and time taking. That is why you can approach our professional rubbish removal agency to get a perfectly clean and hygienic place. Our professional cleaners are dedicated to remove all the rubbish from every nuke corner of your house or building.
We use the eco-friendliest techniques to wipe out the junk from the areas that have been piles of mess since a long time. Our team of experts will be managing everything for you from removal to disposing of it.
Medical Waste Management
All waste material is generated at Health care facilities, such as Hospitals, Clinics, Dental practices, and veterinary Hospitals/Clinics, as well as Medical Research facilities and Laboratories. We provide all necessary Sharp Containers, Trolleys/Buckets & Plastic Bags then pick them up and safely treat and dispose of them at the Medical waste treatment Plant.
Industrial & Commercial Waste Management
We offer a full range of services to our industrial & commercial customers including compaction, specialized containers, hauling and recycling. We provide exactly the right kind of containers & Skips to our Customers (Factories, Workshops, Shopping Malls, Hotels & landscaping Companies.)
Residential Waste Management
We provide regular safety meetings for our people and stress the importance of having good relations with every Staff accommodation & residential Complexes we service.
Logistics and Transportation
Logistics and Transportation in Construction Industry have a great value because construction Projects totally depend on timely supply of materials, labor and equipment. Logistics and Transportation Management provide timely supply chain management and movement of material and equipment. Logistics and Transportation cover all activities including Storage of Material in warehouses and timely supply to site and also managing waste materials.
Earth Movers International Offers Logistic and Transportation Services to construction industry In U.A.E. Our logistics and transportation services include maintaining the construction supply chain that covers all movement of goods, waste and serving activity to and from site. From beginning to end of Project all types of logistics and transportation services are covered by skilled professionals with all safety measures.
Buses and Vans
Buses and vans are the most convenient way of travelling in the Emirates especially when you are with your friends or family. With our buses and vans rental services in Emirates, it has now become very easy to enjoy your tour. We offer cheap Buses and Vans for rent to our clients. The rides are provided along with a professional driver who has a comprehensive knowledge of the area. Hiring your own bus is beneficial in every way; you can save much of your time and money. We provide ultimate ease to our clients by offering them cheap bus rental services.
All you need to do is to contact our customer service and tell us your needs. We have a lot to offers you. You can book your ride prior to the time you need it. You can get your ride as soon as you land at the airport. Whether you have to travel within the city or you are planning to go out on a long expedition with family or friends, our buses and vans for rent are available 24/7.
Construction Tool
Construction tools include both automatic and manual equipment that are ideal to be used for a construction project. From small to big, we have an endless list of very useful tools that have reduced man effort tremendously.
Owing to the importance of these construction tools, we offer every kind of construction equipment for rental. So, you don’t have to make any long-term investment for the sake of your construction project. You can simply rent the tools that are specifically required for your project. The prices that we offer for tool rental are significantly lower, in this way, it will not put any kind of impact on your budget and you can allocate your resources in some other places.
When you hire our construction equipment, you don’t have to pay for their maintenance. You will get the newest and modern construction tools that are very handy.
We believe in the idea of cost-effective quality. Therefore, obtaining the raw material from trusted suppliers in bulk and putting it together under our careful supervision, we are able to maintain a high standard of production while keeping the cost minimal.
Crane Rental
One construction equipment that has facilitated the construction works immensely is the crane. Cranes are the most commonly used equipment in modern construction all over the world. In U.A.E
Cranes play a main role in constructions from foundation work to completion. We Earth Movers International not only provide crane Rental services for all types of construction need but also provide well trained experienced crane operators, at any point your construction project is not hindered. The cranes are mobile and can reach any desired location. They keep on working at the site with the help of operators without restraining the rest of the activities.
With a large range of cranes and operators we provide rental services which are cost effective then purchase our own new cranes. Crane Rental Reduce construction cost rather than purchase. We provide a crane rental service which is helpful for construction management with the best price in the market.
Earth Moving Equipment
Earth Movers is one of the largest single sources in the UAE of rental equipment for industries that are as diverse as the fleet of equipment we offer. Earth moving equipment provides reliable and 24/7 back-up service making it the preferred supplier for all our valued customers.
Every infrastructure construction demands the services of heavy earth moving equipment such as loaders, crawlers, bulldozers or excavators. The equipment are the core demands whenever a construction project is to be initiated. We are pleased to offer cost-saving and effortless earth moving equipment rental services.
The operators that we provided with our rented vehicles are vigilant enough to ensure the safety of the site workers. This prevents any kind of accidents or casualties during the process.
Types of Earth Moving Equipments we are providing. Excavators
Backhoe Loaders
Skid Steer Loaders
Motor Graders
At Earth Movers International, we understand that losing power means losing business. Securing your critical worksite/facility with appropriate standby and back-up power units can ensure your business stays up and running during unexpected blackouts and power outages. Earth Movers International offers new and used diesel Generators from 30 KVA to 1250 KVA for rental or long-term solutions. These units can be offered with pre-integrated systems with monitoring controls, automatic transfer switches and switchgear equipment. Accessories like load banks, fuel tanks, transformers, distribution panels and power cables can be provided as per requirement.
Earth Movers International offers Diesel generators from leading companies like CAT, Cummins, Perkins, FG Wilson etc. We keep relatively new units. Our Inventory age is between 0-5 years. We offer the latest technology for optimum fuel efficiency and lower emissions. We can also offer Generators with inbuilt paralleling & auto load sharing modules. We can offer Generators for various ratings like Prime power, continuous, standby power etc.
Tower Lights
Tower lighting is used as the most functional equipment at the construction sites for a better and improved visual. Mostly these Tower Lights are used during the late hours by the construction managers. Our company is dedicated to providing such lighting equipment at a cheap rental price. You can get these lights for as long as you require for your construction work.
The construction work never stops in the Emirates even during the night hours; the construction work is at its peak. So, we are dedicated to fulfilling the demands of our clients and providing them with the best solution for night lighting at the construction sites which protects the workers from any casualties or unforeseen events. They are highly capable and available for rent at our company at reasonable rates.
Construction Material
Earth Movers International providing all type of construction materials and crushed materials, e.g., Road base, Aggregates (3/16, 3/8, 3/4 Single Size and all other size), black and white sand, marine sand (natural and washed).
Our activity is not limited in the provision of material and transfer to the United Arab Emirates as we will move and the provision of crushed materials located in the emirates of Hatta and Fujairah.
All buildings depend on a large range of support materials, including layers of soil and cement, in order to maintain long term stability and cohesion. Construction materials testing (CMT) is a must require process that is of essential importance and helps builders and site owners in identifying potential problems that could arise because of the construction material, before committing resources to the project.
As an integrated environmental consulting and management firm, our company offers wide-ranging materials testing solutions that contain everything like field examinations, laboratory tests and even special inspections as well. Materials testing and engineering is done to make sure that the structural materials which are used during construction meet all required quality benchmarks. Such evaluations also ensure that the building can pass official site inspections regarding occupational, environmental and public safety.
Marine Materials is often a principal component of this critical construction material, and we are one of the leading suppliers of quality Beach Sand (White and Black) In UAE. White Sand, Black Sand, Filling Sand, Red Sand, Dune Sand, Aggregate, Road Base Materials, Construction Material Products and Other Materials.
Food & Water Supply
Our Vision is to make Earth Movers International a global brand in the field of Earth works, heavy construction equipment and services. To achieve this goal we are constantly improving our values and services in a more customer oriented manner.
Manpower Supplier
Earth Movers International from its Establishment provides Skilled, Professional and Qualified manpower in Different industries on contract basis. Our manpower supply is the best service in U.A.E With lowest rate.
We believe in Right person for the right job.
Earth Movers International offers expert professionals and highly skilled labor to help with the best top, middle and lower level workforce on a short, medium and long term basis. We are the licensed company to provide Manpower Supplier in our sponsorship to reduce the worries. Our flexible, profitable and money making hiring options includes a wide range of categories available for both short-term and long-term jobs.
High Quality Standard We provide high standard quality work by supplying manpower that makes the work perfect.
Team Experience Our well educated, experienced professional Team are experts in problem Handling.
Modern Business Solution Our Team provides Modern business solutions to achieve the goals of the organization with successful ideas and services.
Inspection & Accreditation When Inspection is conducted, we always Suggest Suitable solutions and imply proper guidance to the staff we provide. Our services Industry for Manpower supply
Oil & Gas
Civil Construction
Mechanical Construction
Electrical Work
Marine Services
General Helpers
Heavy Equipment Operators
Road Construction workers
Official Staff
Facilities Management
Earth Movers International offers all types of facilities management services for Homes, offices, hotels and hospitals.
Housekeeping Our staff are fully trained in all general household cleaning. If at any time any specific instructions are handed over we will follow the instructions provided.
Cleaning We Offering Commercial and Residential Cleaning Services with fewer rates then market. We deploy professionally trained teams who use the latest equipment and work to the highest international standards.
We cover all type of areas to be cleaned such as, Kitchen, Bathrooms, toilets, Bedrooms & Living Areas. Ironing, laundry wash, interior and Exterior windows cleaning will be done on request.
Other Services include General Maintenance, Air Condition and Refrigration Maintenance, Electrical Installation and Maintenance.