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Founded be the leading company in providing the best services in the transportation and supply of materials, Aggregates (3/16, 3/8, 3/4 Single Size and all other size) and we are providing all the crushed materials of all kinds (natural and broken and Gabbro and Limestone), e.g., Road base. We also provide Construction Materials needed by the companies building of sand black and white and also have sufficient experience in the provision of marine sand (natural and washed) Our activity is not limited in the provision of material and transfer to the United Arab Emirates as we will move and the provision of crushed materials located in the emirates of Hatta and Fujairah.
A building’s structure is not merely floors, walls and a foundation. In fact it is much more than simply that. Apparently, all buildings depend on a large range of support materials, including layers of soil and cement, in order to maintain long term stability and cohesion. Construction materials testing (CMT) is a must require process that is of essential importance and helps builders and site owners in identifying potential problems that could arise because of the construction material, before committing resources to the project. Testing is also crucial for keeping the structure in line with relevant legal requirements, comprising occupational safety as well as environmental regulations.
As an integrated environmental consulting and management firm, our company offers wide-ranging materials testing solutions that contain everything like field examinations, laboratory tests and even special inspections as well. Materials testing and engineering is done to make sure that the structural materials which are used during construction meet all required quality benchmarks. Such evaluations also ensure that the building can pass official site inspections regarding occupational, environmental and public safety. Marine Materials is often a principal component of this critical construction material, and we are one of the leading suppliers of quality Beach Sand (White and Black) In UAE.

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Updated on: Sat 04 Dec 2021