Tower Lights

At Earth Movers rentals we handle the rental service and maintenance of branded tower light and also produce custom made tower light to supply at different industries like construction, oil field, mining quarries etc. to make the premises supplied with right amount of lighting throughout, we have mobile light tower.
The tower light is competent with a capacity of 4×1000 watt. They are trailer mounted to make them easy for mobilization and provide 360 degree tower rotation for pin-point light positioning .
Features of Tower Light
  • Tower Light powered by sound proof Denyo generator made in Japan with Kubota Engine, and Self braking winch design for fast and easy tower- Erection and extension
  • 360 degree tower rotation and flexible light Positioning
  • Manual operating tower with safety brake
  • ON/OFF switch for each lamp
  • 4 lamp (Equal and to 4000 W flood lights)
  • Excellent sound proof and fuel efficiency
  • 5.5 KVA power out let 110/220V
  • Automatic warning and shut off devices for low Oil pressure, high water temperature and insufficient Charging.
  • Wind proof up to 80 km/h

Features of Tower Light
  • Most Ratable to 340 degrees
  • On/Off Switch for each lamp
  • 4 Floodlights 1000w metal halide
  • 75 liters metal fuel tank
  • More than 30 hour of running time
  • 4 side lifting hooks
  • Digital Hour metal
  • 9 kVA Super silent generator set
  • Lombardini Focs LDW1003, Diesel Engine
  • 3kVA-230V-16A Outlet with Circuit Breaker