Road Works

Building solid roads and parking lots requires the ability to read an engineered plan. And with road construction and parking lot construction, other excavation services required – such as municipal water and sewer connections, or trenching for utilities.
Earth Movers has worked with civil engineers on many projects over the years. But even if there is no engineering oversight on a parking lot or private road construction project We build all of our roadways and parking lots according to the specifications provided, meeting requirements for State spec gravels and compaction testing.
A road construction company must know about elevations, drainage and compaction requirements. To complete a commercial parking lot installation successfully, there are other contractors to coordinate with.

when it comes to installing roads and parking lots. It is our pleasure to work cooperatively in whatever capacity is needed -everything from clearing the trees to pulling permits and posting bonds.

Interlocks & Kerbs
We will also install curbing and sidewalks according to town or city specifications.Our unique experience since the beginning has been a partnership with builders and developers, as well as municipalities working on public roads.