Earth Works

Our trained and skilled staff has thousands of hours of heavy machinery experience and has worked in the field of Earth works since 2000. Most of all, your project is performed within your requested time frame, as well as within your budget. We have earned a solid reputation for honesty, integrity and outstanding performance.
Cutt n Fill
In earthmoving, cut and fill is the process of constructing a railway, road or canal whereby the amount of material from cuts roughly matches the amount of fill needed, so minimizing the amount of construction labor.

Earth Movers specializes in professional excavation in Emirates. We have a complete line of heavy equipment to serve your every need, without having to rely on other companies to provide excavation equipments.

Back Filling
Backfilling is the process of putting soil back inside a trench or in a foundation when the excavation has been completed. The backfill process requires skills and knowledge on the specifications.