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Male Enhancement e young lady, Mr. Orton asked his follower on his return to the hotel. Very offish, Jones. Then Male Enhancement she wasn t glad to see you said Jones, with a grin. By Male Enhancement no means. She hardly treated me with civility. That s because of the other man, said Jones, sagaciously. You are right. Mr. Dewey, as I Male Enhancement learned, is in California. Then maybe they have an understanding together. No she doesn t know where he is. Jones was puzzled, and showed it in a way common to men of his class. He scratched his head and looked Male Enhancement perplexed. Then, what good is it for her to stay here he asked, after a pause. She is taking steps to find this Dewey, who is somewhere at the mines, though she would not tell me Male Enhancement what they were. He may turn up any time, and then good bye to all my hopes. You want to marry her yourself, Mr. Orton Of course. Otherwise I wouldn t have come so far in search of her. The young lady is very rich, isn t she asked Jo.nes, shrewdly. She has a moderate fortune, replied Orton, guardedly but that doesn t influence me. Of course not, said Jones but there was something in his tone which made Campbell eye him sharply. I am no fortune hunter, said he, st

iffly. You Male Enhancement d want to marry her just the same if she hadn t a cent purplerhino male enhancement reviews Of course I would, snapped Orton. Now, that s what Male Enhancement I call real love, said Jones. To be sure, you re rich yourself, and needn t mind. Male Enhancement Precisely so. I may not be rich, but I can support a wife. As the young lady prefers some one else, I suppose we may as vitamin sperm count male enhancement testosterone builder well go home That s what I want to talk to you about, Jones. Very likely Male Enhancement this Dewey penil pumps is dead at any rate, he s a mere fortune hunter. Now, although Florence do extenze work doesn t care to marry me now, if our marriage could be brought about she would no doubt be reconciled to it after a while. Now, Jones, have you anything to suggest Orton Campbell threw himself back in his chair and eyed Jones. He had formed a plan, but, if possible, he wanted Male Enhancement the proposal to come from male enhancement pills control Jones. Jones was not over scrupulous he had never been s.o, and the months he had spent in the mines in the company of adventurers of all kinds had not improved him. Even law abiding Male Enhancement citizens often lost their regard for law in California, and Jones had Male Enhancement fewer scruples to overcome than most. He suggested a plan which met with the approval of his employer, and promi

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sed his co operation on the understanding that if successful Campbell should properly reward him. Male Enhancement It may be added that of Male Enhancement the thousand dollars which Male Enhancement he was to receive for his information he had actually received but three hundred, Orton Campbell Male Enhancement having on various pretexts put off paying him. He received the assurance that this also Male Enhancement should be paid him without further delay as soon as the plan referred to was successfully carried out. Chapter 24 Miss Douglas Receives A Message Florence Male Enhancement Douglas felt somewhat uneasy after the visit of Orton Campbell. Though he had no legal right to interfere with her, even as the representative of his father, she knew the unscrupulous character of the man, and that he would not have spent time and money in a visit to Ca.lifornia unless he had a strong hope of carrying her back with him. Her chief fear was that he would carry out his father s threat and try to have her pronounced of unsound mind, in which case he could have her confined in an asylum. If I could only hear from Richard Dewey she fervently ejaculated. If he were here I would have nothing to fear. Two days passed, and, considerably to

her relief, she heard nothing from Campbell. She began to hope that he had given up his purpose and made arrangements to return to the East. She was determined to refuse him an audience if he should call upon her again, either with or without companions. That she might feel more secure, she took her Male Enhancement landlady, Mrs. Armstrong, into her confidence. This lady had become much attached to her guest, and listened with great indignation to the account Male Enhancement which Florence gave Male Enhancement her. My Male Enhancement dear Miss Douglas, she said, if that man Campbell calls, leave me to deal Male Enhancement with him. How would penis enlargement pump videos you propose to do it asked Florence, smiling. I would give him a piece of my mind, you may depend upon that. He w.ould be rude to you. In that case I would order him male penis enhancers out of the house, said Mrs. Male Enhancement Armstrong, resolutely. The man needs a lesson, and I should like to be the one to give it to him. I shall be very glad to have you meet him in my place, said the young lady. An Male Enhancement interview with him is something which stiffen up male enhancement I would gladly avoid. sex pills for sale That you shall I only hope he ll come what are some good male enhancement pills soon. He ll find one woman that isn t afraid of him. I am not afraid of him, Mrs. Armstrong, but I own

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